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Theodore J. Karamanski, PhD

History Professor

Rally 'Round the Flag: Chicago and the Civil War

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.; publication date: 1993/2006

(ISBN: 0-7425-5137-7)


In this narrative history of Chicago during the Civil War, historian Theodore J. Karamanski examines the people and events that formed this critical period in the city's history. Using diaries, letters, and newspapers that survived the Great Fire of 1871, he shows how Chicagoans' opinions evolved from a romantic and patriotic view of the war to a recognition of the conflict's brutal realities. Located a safe distance behind the battle lines, the city economy grew feverishly even while its people divided between support and opposition to the Lincoln administration. Originally published in 1991, this revised edition paints a vivid picture of a Midwestern city vigorously involved in the national conflict.

History Professor