Loyola University Chicago

John Nicholas, PhD

Professor, ISOM

The Portal to Lean Production

Auerbach Publications: 2006
(ISBN 0-8493-5031-X)


The Portal to Lean Production: Principles and Practices for Doing More with Less describes the steps, difficulties, and rewards of implementing lean production. The book moves beyond concepts to address practical matters. The authors provide enough information for the reader to begin implementing lean production within the organization.

The book applies a model "the Portal to Lean Production" to illustrate lean production principles and practices. The model reappears throughout the books and serves to connect the concepts of each chapter with those in other chapters, and with basic lean production principles.

The book contains many short vignettes of actual lean production implementations. Following these examples, the text provides expanded coverage of topics to enable the reader to learn and apply the broader concepts and principles of lean production. The vignettes, based upon the work experience of co-author Avi Soni, connect the concepts and provide practical examples.


  • The Portal to lean Production, a model that shows the philosophy, principles, and methods of lean production
  • The steps, difficulties, and rewards of implementing lean production
  • In-depth description of concepts with numerous examples and figures
  • Examples using formulae and explaining the kind of data needed