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Jon Nilson, PhD

Associate Professor, Theology

Hearing Past the Pain. Why White Catholic Theologians Need Black Theology

Paulist Press: November 2007

(ISBN: 0-8091-4508-9)


Hearing Past the Pain is one-of-a-kind, thought provoking book that reveals how white Catholic theologians have largely ignored racism in the United States during the forty years since the Civil Rights movement, and how they have failed to address the African American theologies that grapple with this racism.

After sketching out the main themes and methods of black theology, author Jon Nilson uses the work of Bernard Lonergan and David Tracy to show that Roman Catholic theology requires white Catholic theologians to confront racism and to engage in fruitful theological discourse with their black colleagues. Nothing less than their integrity as Catholic theologians is at stake. This groundbreaking book is essential for anyone interested in the furthering Catholic-African American theological engagement.

Associate Professor, Theology