Loyola University Chicago

Douglas T. Story

Alumni of MBA program

The Blood of Soldiers Makes the General Great! Preparing for the Business Wars of the Future

Authorhouse: December 2007
(ISBN: 978-1-4343-0533-6)


Business is giving up on the people part of business, according to Douglas T. Story, whose new book, The Blood Of Soldiers Makes The General Great! Preparing for the Business Wars to Come, is a wake-up call that chastises the trend of eliminating as many individuals from the customer contact part of business as possible and replacing them with "advanced" technologies.

"Business leaders are creating an interface that involves ordering, shipping, billing and paying for the product with as little human interaction as possible," Story writes. "In my travels around the world, I have found this is NOT the trend customers want, need or desire."

Story cites an article in Business Week from Jan. 9, 2006, as a prime example of what he means: The next time you're stuck on infinite hold waiting for a customer service rep, think about whether you'd want to invest in that company. A new study shows that companies with high customer satisfaction ratings beat the market handily.

"The company that combines human contact and relationships with technology of today and tomorrow will be the company that becomes the next GM or Microsoft of the world," Story writes.