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To self-enroll in any of our Competencies that utilize Adobe Connect:

Visit the Adobe Connect website at https://connect.luc.edu and login with your Loyola Network ID and password.

A‌‌fter logging in, click on the "Training Catalog" tab.

Click on the arrows (A) in the Training Catalog to reveal the "Digital Media Services" or other service area folders. Next (B), click on the service area that you would like to self-enroll for training, followed by clicking on the specific course (C) that you would like to enroll in.


Click "Enroll" to sign-up for your training course:

You will receive a message that your enrollment has been approved. Click "OK" to continue.

‌The "Enroll" button has now changed to a "View" button. Click the "View" button to continue to your training.

‌After self-enrolling, you can view all of your enrolled training courses in the "My Training" tab and begin where you left off by clicking the "Continue" or "Review" buttons.