Putting students in the spotlight

From April 16–19, Loyola celebrated the achievements of its students at the 5th Annual Weekend of Excellence. The weekend’s events—which included research symposiums, awards ceremonies, and a student musical—featured more than 1,000 students.

Award winners

Hundreds of students and more than a dozen organizations received awards at the 2015 Weekend of Excellence for their outstanding work throughout the school year. See the complete list

Meet these eight standouts

Bailey Day

(Class of 2015)

"Navy ROTC has completely reshaped who I am. ... I came into college unsure of who I was and who I wanted to be—and now I am leaving with full confidence."

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Caleb Steindam

Doctoral candidate,
EdD in Curriculum and Instruction

"Helping run the Research Symposium has deepened my enthusiasm for education research and my appreciation for the important work happening here."

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Daria Taylor

International Film and Media Production (Class of 2015)

"I understand the responsibility that filmmakers have to their audiences, and I am committed to work only on projects that prioritize ethical decision-making."

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Christopher Martinez

Doctoral candidate,
PhD in Political Science

"As a former Fulbright Scholar and current Schmitt Dissertation Fellow, I have a commitment to use my knowledge and experience to help others."

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Erin Ebbesmeyer

Environmental Science (Class of 2015)

"Coming to Chicago was really eye opening for me, especially after growing up in a town of 460. ... More importantly, though, I've been able to apply what I've learned in class to the world that surrounds me."

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Zac Davis

Philosophy and Theology (Class of 2015)

“My involvement in student organizations—whether it be Loyola Students for Life or Quidditch, my research team or campus ministry—has given me a strong sense of community and purpose.”

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Lauren Konrath

Marketing (Class of 2016)

"As I continue to grow as a student and a person, I realize it is important to have a passion and a purpose. Working in the office of Military Veteran Student Services has given me both."

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Mariela Rodriguez

Social Work (Class of 2016)

"Working with indigenous women for two months in Mexico through the School of Social Work definitely prepared me for future field work and helped increase my cultural competency."

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