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Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards 2024 Ceremony - Thursday, April 18 in the evening

Every year, outstanding Ramblers are recognized for their commitments to excellence in exemplifying Loyola's mission and values. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to review information about award criteria and deadlines

The Excellence Awards Ceremony continues to be a signature event of the university-wide Celebration of Students' Achievement, Scholarship, and Creative Works (formerly known as the Weekend of Excellence). The 2024 Excellence Awards Ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 18 in the evening at the Lake Shore Campus. More information will be shared soon. 

The Division of Student Development is proud to work with Arrupe College, Athletics, Career Services, Military Veteran Student Services, the Office of Sustainability, and Student Academic Services to coordinate the annual Excellence Awards Ceremony. At the Excellence Awards Ceremony, the following awards and honors are recognized: 

  • Arrupe College's 2015 Award

  • Athletics' Student Athlete Awards 

  • Damen Awards

  • Diversity Awards

  • Graduate, Professional, and Adult Student Awards

  • Maroon & Gold Society Recognition 

  • Military Veteran Student Services Award

  • Residence Life Awards

  • Spirit of Laudato si' Sustainability Awards

  • Student Employment Awards

Below, you can find descriptions of awards that are presented at the Excellence Awards Ceremony, as well as other awards distributed by the Division of Student Development. Any awards not listed above will be presented in ceremonies that are separate from the Excellence Awards Ceremony. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to nominate students for awards. Click on the following hyperlinked words to find information about nomination criteria, past nominees and award recipients, and the awards process timeline

Click here to find out the names of the 2023 recipients and nominees. Also, click on EAC 2023 Presentation Slides to see what was shared about the award recipients. 

The Damen Award is named for Loyola University Chicago's founder, Arnold Damen, S.J. It seeks to honor undergraduate students who have committed themselves to Jesuit ideals by being a true source of inspiration and leadership to the Loyola community throughout the year. These students are people who have led other students in spirit, motivation, and purpose. 

Outstanding GPA Student Leader Award Criteria

  • This Award recognizes a Graduate, Professional or Adult (SCPS) [GPA] student that has demonstrated outstanding leadership in a student organization. They have transcended the duties of their role and embodied the principals of Magis.

  • Any currently enrolled Graduate, Professional, or Adult (SCPS) student is eligible.

  • No nominee may receive this award for two consecutive years.
  • A faculty, staff, student, or administrator must nominate nominee.

  • Self-nominations are prohibited.

  • One award will be presented each year.

  • Nominee must have completed one semester in good academic standing at Loyola University Chicago by January 2021.

  • Nominee must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above, as listed in LOCUS.

  • Nominees screened by Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution and Behavioral Concerns Team.

  • The Graduate, Professional and Adult Student Council selection committee will select the recipient.


Outstanding GPA Student Organization Award Criteria

  • This award recognizes a student organization that is either a graduate student organization or a student organization with majority Graduate, Professional, & Adult students that promotes and embodies the organization’s mission and has shown a commitment to the university’s mission. 

  • Any student organization with a majority of Graduate, Professional, or Adult (SCPS) students is eligible. Including sponsored student organizations.

  • A faculty, staff, student, or administrator must nominate the organization.

  • Self-nominations are allowed.

  • One award will be presented each year.

  • Student organization advisors will be consulted.

  • The Graduate, Professional and Adult Student Council selection committee will select the recipient.


Outstanding GPA Program of the Year

  • This award recognizes and group or student organization that has produced an outstanding program/event/lecture that made a significant contribution to the Loyola University Chicago community.

  • Any student organization or group with a majority of Graduate, Professional, or Adult (SCPS) students is eligible. Including sponsored and ad hoc student organizations.

  • The program may be a conference, summit, lecture, or social event.

  • A faculty, staff, student, or administrator must nominate the organization.

  • Self-nominations are allowed.

  • One award will be presented each year.

  • Student organization advisors will be consulted.

  • Respective College Dean will review the nominee.

  • The Graduate, Professional and Adult Student Council selection committee will select the recipient.

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion is honored and excited to organize the Diversity Awards to showcase key students, alumni, faculty, and staff members who have contributed to the success of our diverse student population academically, spiritually, culturally and professionally. Awards also highlight outstanding individuals who have committed themselves to embracing diversity and social justice at Loyola. Award criteria can be found here. 

Center for Diversity & Inclusion Transformative Educator Award Recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated a commitment to student development and has gone beyond their administrative role to address the needs and concerns of underrepresented students. This individual provides students with the opportunities to explore issues regarding diversity, identity development, multicultural education, social justice, and leadership initiatives. This ultimately enhances the retention, matriculation, and success of historically underrepresented students. 
Center for Diversity & Inclusion Lifelong Commitment to Justice Award Recognizes a professional staff member who has shown a strong commitment to student development and has gone beyond their administrative role to address the needs and concerns of underrepresented students. 
Center for Diversity & Inclusion Emerging Leader Award Recognizes a first- or second-year undergraduate student who has motivated other members of the University to strive for excellence. This individual embraces diversity and servicing humanity through learning, justice and faith. Not only is this individual constantly working to better themselves, but they are also dedicated to the growth of their peers. 
Center for Diversity & Inclusion Social Justice in Action Award Recognizes a current LUC student who has demonstrated leadership in assisting the University in responding to its commitment to diversity. This student has worked to develop a university community that appreciates and respects all facets of diversity. This student’s leadership initiatives are in the forefront of exploring issues regarding diversity and they are actively working to expand their knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith. 
Center for Diversity & Inclusion Father Arrupe Award Recognizes a graduate or professional student who has made an outstanding contribution to their department, to students, and the LUC community. This individual has promoted diversity and unity. They have found an appropriate balance between their educational goals and the desire to help underrepresented students succeed. 
Center for Diversity & Inclusion Community & Solidarity Award Recognizes a registered or sponsored student organization that consistently makes the effort to achieve their organization's goals specifically as they relate to Loyola's diversity, community, and solidarity. 


Loyola University Chicago established the Maroon & Gold Society during the 2011-2012 academic year to recognize rising seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to leadershipacademic excellence, and service to others. Members represent a cross-section of undergraduate communities and leadership paths at the university. Each spring, students are nominated by faculty and staff for membership with Maroon & Gold Society.  Once nominations are screened and reviewed, eligible students are asked to submit an online application. A small committee then reviews all applications and makes a recommendation of 25 top students to the Vice President of Student Development and university president who then makes the final selection of its new class. The new class is recognized at the Excellence Awards Ceremony and a special Induction Ceremony with the president of the university and select administrators, where they receive their cardigan. 

The Maroon & Gold Society intends to honor students who personify the promise of Loyola University Chicago: Preparing People to Lead Extraordinary Lives. In doing so, Society members embrace the Jesuit ideal of Magis (the pursuit of excellence).

Members of this group are invited to participate in various activities, committees, and discussions. This also includes participating in university functions that enhance school spirit and campus pride. Members also will have opportunities to meet with the president of the university, distinguished alumni, and other members of the Loyola University Chicago community. 

The Five Pillars of Maroon & Gold Society: Academic Excellence, Diversity, Leadership, Loyola Community, and Service 


Members of Maroon & Gold Society serve as official student ambassadors at all times especially at major university sponsored events. They are asked to share their authentic student experiences with administrators, alumni, and other members of the Loyola University Chicago community. Members are expected to uphold a standard of leadership for students at Loyola University Chicago by maintaining involvement with a leadership role in various groups around campus. All members are expected to uphold the values of the Student Promise as well as the policies written in the Community Standards. Membership is contingent upon active participation in the Society’s meetings and events while maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0. 

Benefits for Members

  • Participation for student ambassadorship at major university functions/events
  • Experience communicating needs and desires of students with administrators or board members
  • Networking opportunities with university community members
  • Participation in large-scale university sponsored events

Hundreds of students and more than a dozen organizations received awards at the Weekend of Excellence for their outstanding work throughout the school year. The 2023 nomination period runs from January 12 to February 20. A separate nomination must be submitted for each student for the individual awards. 

Award Categories: 

Arrupe Person for Others AwardThis award goes to a student employee who clearly serve others with a passion. 

Curis Apostolica Person for Institution AwardThis award goes to a student employee who have demonstrated considerable care in their work tasks, commitment and attitude in promoting, developing and supporting the organization or institution where they are employed. Once recipient is recognized for work on campus; the other, for work away from Loyola. 

Ignatian Spirit Team of the Year AwardThe Ignatian Spirit Award is given to the team or staff of employees who work with passion and dedication as if they live each day to “go forth and set the world on fire.” 

Student Employee of the Year 

This award goes to one student employee to recognize their outstanding contributions, achievements, and who has made a positive impact on the university. 

The Student Organization Awards honor and celebrate the accomplishments of our Recognized and Sponsored Student Organizations. Our student leaders work tirelessly to plan and implement a wide range of programs over the course of the academic year. The award categories include three recognition groups: program recognition, individual recognition, and group recognition. 

Loyola University Chicago's Athletics department presents awards to outstanding student athletes each year. Awards include the PNC Student Achiever Award, which is presented to a female student athlete, and a male student athlete.

The 2015 Award is named for the year of the founding of Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago. The 2015 Award is presented to a student who embodies the spirit of transformative education, who has used their gifts and talents to persist through adversity, and who has contributed significantly to building and advancing the Arrupe mission.

The department of Residence Life presents two awards at the Excellence Awards Ceremony. 

The Resident Assistant of the Year is awarded to an RA who, in the course of the school year, has served the University and residential community in and out of the RA position. The finalists demonstrate a well-rounded approach to the position, academics, and personal life. Finally, the RA of the Year consistently portrays a positive, kind, and caring approach with others while excelling in programming and community development.

The Departmental “Magis” Award, is awarded to a Resident Assistant who has consistently demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond expectations throughout the year by serving as an RA, and a mentor in the spirit of the Jesuit concept of “Magis.” The finalists portray a positive attitude, exhibit the ability to be self-driven, and always show an eagerness to grow and learn in the RA position. Finalists serve as strong mentors for staff and residents, and bring out the best in others.

Student Development partners with the Office of Sustainability to recognize students expressing leadership on Loyola’s value of sustainability. As a key aspect of Loyola’s mission of social justice, we award two to four students each year during the Celebration of Student Achievement, Scholarship, and Creative Works. Attention is paid to efforts that address the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability and embrace the ‘integral ecology' framework called for in Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Ecology, Laudato si’.

Sustainability in Service – This recognition rewards students for their efforts to implement sustainability on campus or in community.

Sustainability in Learning – This recognition rewards students for their efforts incorporating sustainability into their academic experience through research, publication, or coursework advancing sustainability knowledge.

The Student Veteran of the Year Award represents the continued service of a student veteran within the Loyola community. A student veteran who engages with the broader Loyola community and supports their fellow student veterans.