Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Life After Innocence

Clinic Description

The Life After Innocence course is a two or three credit course that offers Loyola University Chicago Law School students the opportunity to provide quality representation to individuals with post-exoneration needs and persons seeking criminal records relief.

Student Clinician Experience

As clinicians, you will develop a deeper understanding of what “life after innocence” really means and cultivate a heightened sense of awareness of the correlation between the collateral consequences of a criminal record and a person’s ability to reclaim her or his rights as citizens.

By engaging in direct representation of clients, students will learn practice skills, including but not limited to, client interviewing and counseling, fact development - developing a rich understanding of a client and the events relevant to the case and its resolution, representing clients in administrative hearings, case planning, and courtroom presentation.

Students will also be afforded opportunities to cultivate their legal writing skills by drafting various criminal records relief petitions.

Getting Involved

The Clinic is open to Loyola University Chicago Law School students in their second or third year of law school. Students can choose to get involved as early as the summer after completing their 1L year.

Permission is required for enrollment. Please see our “Student Resources” page and the LAI Student Application for more information.