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Life After Innocence

Life After Innocence Annual Luncheon
A Conversation with Amanda Knox
Dec. 3, 2015
Kasbeer Hall
25 East Pearson Street, Chicago

Amanda Knox, whose case drew international attention over a seven-year period, was exonerated in March 2015 by the Italian Supreme Court. She currently works as a writer and lives in Seattle. Her book, Waiting to be Heard: A Memoir, was published in 2013. Knox is active in the innocence movement and will join us at Loyola to discuss her experiences and work advocating on behalf of others wrongfully convicted.

Your attendance and donation will support Loyola University Chicago's Life After Innocence, which advocates for innocent people released from prison, helping them reenter society, clear their records and start their lives over.

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Mission Statement

Life After Innocence advocates for innocent people adversely affected by the criminal justice system, helping them reenter society and enabling them to reclaim their rights as citizens, through individualized legal and support services and wider-reaching public policy initiatives.

Clinic Description

A number of innocence projects work around the country (and the world) to free those in prison for crimes they did not commit. However, there are fewer, if any, resources for persons once exonerated. Life After Innocence at Loyola University Chicago follows up with such exonerees to offer guidance, pro bono legal services and additional support on all levels. Students and faculty work with recent exonerees to obtain expungement of their records, find housing, search for employment, obtain counseling, procure identification, teach computer and cell phone skills, obtain medical treatment, aid in gaining Certificates of Innocence, and work with money managers to deal with any state funds or civil verdicts received after release.

Life After Innocence student members attend weekly group meetings, and are required to sign an agreement indicating that they will provide weekly billing to account for time devoted to the clinic and will continue after the semester, on their own time, any projects not completed during the semester.

To read about the triumphs and struggles of exonerees nationwide, visit our blog.