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What is PROLAW®?

PROLAW® is a one academic year LLM program offered by the School of Law at Loyola's campus in Rome, Italy. PROLAW® provides its students with the specific knowledge and skills they need to become qualified and effective rule of law advisors in national and internationally sponsored initiatives to improve the rule of law in developing countries, countries in economic transition and countries recovering from violent conflict. Although the course gives students sound understanding of theory, it is first and foremost practice-oriented.

The degree consists of 27 academic credits. At present, except for Rome residents, only a full time option is available. Our inaugural class started in September 2011 with classes finishing in April 2012. Students are expected to complete a thesis by the following July.

In order to give the students an opportunity to develop expertise in one or more of the substantive areas of rule of advisory work, courses have been organized around substantive contexts, which are commonly the subject of rule of law initiatives. Thus, while the learning outcomes of all the courses are aimed at enabling graduates to perform certain tasks which rule of law work entails, topics such as judicial reform, achievement of gender equality, civil and penal law reform, commercial law reform, legal empowerment of the poor, aid for trade, climate change preparedness, human rights and financing of justice reform will be used to contextualize the curriculum.

A visiting lecturer program complements the curriculum and provides an opportunity for PROLAW® students to dialogue with rule of law practitioners from around the world about their institutions and work. Representatives of the United Nations, the international financial institutions, leading NGO's, and individual development experts and practitioners take part in the series.

Unique Approach

The PROLAW® curriculum began taking shape through an analysis of what rule of law advisors actually do. This led to the identification of task-related learning outcomes. The curriculum was then designed to include the knowledge and skills, which students will need to be able to meet the learning outcomes. This approach has resulted in a program, whose every aspect is designed to prepare students for rule of law practice. 

Who Can and Should Apply?

The School of Law invites applications from legal professionals around the world who already hold a first degree in law from an accredited university. Our student body consists of dynamic and highly motivated recent law school graduates, legal practitioners, judges, and law school faculty with a demonstrated interest in rule of law or a related subject and who are passionate about making a difference in the world through promoting global peace and justice. Lawyers and judges from developing countries and staff of NGO's and development organizations working on rule of law and legal and justice reform issues are all encouraged to apply.


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