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CTA U-Pass



U-Pass Card verification checks and improper use.

Recently, CTA began card verification checks at El stops throughout the city, including the Loyola and Chicago Avenue stops. Students are reminded that U-Pass is for your personal use only. Any other person using the card, other than the person issued the card, can result in confiscation of your U-Pass and denial of riding privileges for a calendar year.  Confiscations can also be referred to Loyola's Office of Student Conduct & Community Relations.


 Important information for Spring 2015 activation below


All Students

New Students

Existing Students

U-Pass replacement

U-Pass troubleshooting


 All Students

U-Pass Fall 2014 deactivation and Spring 2015 activation

Program/ School

Spring 2015 term activation

Spring Deactivation

Undergrad and Graduate students

January 10, 2015

May 3, 2015

Law School

January 14, 2015

May 16, 2015

Graduate Business

January 12, 2015

May 8, 2015

The unlimited U-Pass portion will activate at 2:01am on the dates listed above. You can continue to use your Ventra U-Pass when school is not in session, but you will need to load separate funds. U-Pass unlimited riding privileges are only available during the school term

Your Ventra U-Pass unlimited riding privilege automatically resumes when your next full-time term begins; Spring 2015 dates are in the table above. Students are responsible for all fare charges between terms. If your Ventra U-Pass has a negative balance, then the U-Pass portion will deactivate and not activate until you have a $0.00 or positive balance.

You can add funds or load an unlimited-ride 1-day, 3-day, 7-day or 30-day pass online at www.VentraChicago.com if you have a registered transit account, at any Ventra Vending Machine located at CTA rail stations,  and at hundreds of participating retail locations, please visit www.ventrachicago.com for more details. .

The unlimited riding portion of your U-Pass will be activated automatically given that you were registered as a full-time student as of January 5, 2015

Students  must be enrolled as a full-time student to qualify, please see FAQ for more information

 Please allow for 3-5 business days after registering as a full time student for your pass to activate. Please see U-Pass troubleshooting to verify activation 


Existing Students:


1) Please allow for three to four business days after registering as a full time student for your pass to activate. If you are not sure if you registered within the period listed, please  see the procedures below to verify activation.

2) Your transit account must also be in good standing, with at least a $0.00 balance for the unlimited ride U-Pass portion to activate. Students are responsible for all negative balances on their Ventra account and there are no exceptions.  

3)  If your card is not working at the start of the term, please follow the procedures listed below You may also visit new student U-Pass distribution with specific questions; due to the high volume of student questions, there is no guarantee thatU-Pass will be able to answer individual questions via email from January 10- January 25.

4) If your U-Pass was lost, stolen, or discarded over break, there is a $50.00 replacement cost charged by CTA for a new card. The card is valid for five years from the date of issuance (i.e. August 2013), and a new card is no longer issued every term. Unfortunately, CTA does not waive the fee for stolen cards, even if there is a police report.

You can replace your U-Pass at the Damen Student Center Information Desk at the Lake Shore Campus.  You may also visit the Terry Student Center Information Desk starting August 25  for U-Pass replacement services.

New Students:

Distribution starts January 12, 2015 for all students newly eligible for U-Pass in the Damen Student Center Rm 214 or Terry Student Center 3rd floor Lounge, 26 E Pearson Ave, Baumhart Hall.  Please see U-Pass Distribution for more information.

U-Pass replacement procedures

Student can visit either the Damen Student Center Information Desk or the Terry Student Center Information Desk to order a replacement U-Pass. CTA charges a replacement fee of  $50.00 for all lost or stolen U-Passes.

Both locations require students to complete the U-Pass Replacement Pass Waiver. Replacements generally arrive in 5-7 business days.

1) Damen Student Center accepts payment either in cash or Rambler Bucks. The desk is open year round, please visit Damen Student Center page for specific hours

2) Terry Student Center Information Desk only accepts payment in Rambler Bucks. The Terry Desk is normally open during the Fall and Spring terms. Please visit the Terry Student Center for specific hours.

If you still have your card and it is damaged or no longer working, olease visit U-Pass Troubleshooting on how to replace a damaged card. 

U-Pass Information

The CTA U-Pass is your ticket to unlimited riding aboard CTA buses and trains. It offers all full time undergraduates and graduate students enrolled in participating programs unlimited use and an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of everything Chicago has to offer. No cash is needed. It's your connection to shopping, sports events, social activities, art and entertainment centers, and anything else that grabs your attention.

Note: Summer U-Pass on-site distribution for Quinlan Graduate School of Business students has ended. Students who wish to pick up their pass can visit the Graduate School of Business' main office located on the 2nd Floor of the Quinlan School of Business (Water Tower Campus).

The following students' passes will be located at the Damen Student Center Information Desk (Lake Shore Campus):

The following graduate students' passes will be located at the Terry Student Center Information Desk, 2nd Floor (Water Tower Campus):


Qualifications and Enrollment

Generally all undergraduates with 12 or more credit hours. A more complete list is listed on the FAQs page. All eligible students are automatically enrolled and charged a non-refundable fee.


How It Works

On the bus: Touch your Ventra card to the Ventra reader. If you leave it in your wallet or purse, then you could be charged a fare if you have debit / credit cards with a Wi-Fi symbol on them.

On the train:Touch your Ventra card to the Ventra reader at the turnstyle and wait for the Go light. Do not touch it multiple times or leave it in your wallet or purse since you could be charged a full fare if you have debit / credit cards with a Wi-Fi symbol. 

For more information, see the CTA U-Pass page.

Rules and Conditions

Please see our FAQs page for more information.

Contact Information

Students are encouraged to contact the Loyola U-Pass email with and issues or concerns. Include your student ID number and the exact nature of your concern. Students may also contact the Damen Student Center Information Desk at 773.508.8770 or the Terry Student Center Information Desk at 312-915-6642.

Students are also encouraged to contact U-Pass at cta-upass@transitchicago.com or call 1-888-YOUR-CTA.

Chicago Transit Authority
567 W Lake Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL  60661

For more information about the Chicago Transit Authority, visit CTA's website.



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