Loyola's Online Connection to University Services (LOCUS) gives students, staff, and faculty access to web-based services in the student information system. An overview of LOCUS offerings can be found below.  

Logging into LOCUS

  • Students with an active universal ID and password can login to LOCUS to enroll in courses, view and process financial information, change addresses and phone numbers, update their preferred or diploma name, request official transcripts and more.

  • Faculty can enter grades, view their teaching schedules, update their preferred name, and access class rosters for messaging.

  • Staff with proper access can view students' biographical details, academic information, class rosters, and update their own preferred name.

Students can also delegate LOCUS access to parents and other guests by creating a Parent/Guest Access account. Among allowable permissions you can delegate include viewing your financial account, making a payment or setting up an installment plan. Click here for more information.


LOCUS Resources Available without Logging In

Several resources are available in LOCUS without having to login, including: 

LOCUS Training Materials