Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar

Parent/Guest Access

Parent/Guest Access enables you to grant access to your financial accounts to parents or guests you designate. By granting this access you are also giving permission to Loyola school officials to speak with that designated individual regarding your account.  Your designee(s) will also receive the same monthly billing statement you receive. Using Parent/Guest Access you may also indicate the individual(s) to whom a school official may discuss your academic progress. The permission to discuss your academic progress does not give your designee(s) direct LOCUS access to your academic record and no reports will be sent to them. Financial and academic permissions limit the school official to conversations within their area of responsibility; the financial accounts official may only discuss financial matters with your designee, an academic counselor may only discuss specific academic matters.

Students can set up access to some of their financial accounts for parents and other guests with the following steps:

1  Log in to your LOCUS account


2  Click "Profile"


3  Click "Parent/Guest Access"


4  Click "Add Parent/Guest"


5  Click "I Accept" on the consent form


6  For each parent or guest, enter:

  • The person's last or first name
  • The person's e-mail address
  • A password

7  Check off all relevant boxes:

  • View my Account Summary
  • View my Financial Aid
  • View my e-Bill
  • View my 1098T
  • Discuss Academic Record
  • View & create Payment Plan
  • Waive/Fast Track Student Health Insurance

8  Click "Save"


You may assign the same password to all those who receive permission or assign a different password for each. The password is case-sensitive, must be 6 characters in length and include 2 numeric digits. The University will assign each guest a Universal ID, which will be sent to your guest via the e-mail addresses you provided. Please note that the student is the only person who has the password(s) for those who have Parent/Guest Access, and will need to communicate this information to them. The University does not provide or maintain these passwords.

You can edit individual access options anytime in LOCUS.

Bursar parent/guest access DOES NOT provide access to your grades, student judicial affairs, income, or personal information.