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2022 Commencement

Frequently Asked Questions


Are confetti and glitter allowed on campus during Commencement Week?

Loyola is a beautiful campus, and your assistance is needed to ensure that all spaces and facilities remain a treasure to the University. Glitter and confetti are not permitted on campus. Click here to learn more. 


How will I receive updates about Commencement?

All information regarding Commencement will be sent to your LUC.edu e-mail address. It is the responsibility of each graduate to maintain your LUC.edu e-mail address and to check frequently for updates and information. 

Can I or my guests purchase flowers at Commencement?

Yes! You can purchase once you arrive on campus for Commencement or you can pre-order here

I didn’t receive any emails about Commencement, what do I do?

Most emails regarding Commencement are sent from commencement@LUC.edu and/or Dean’s Offices. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folders. If you are not receiving our emails, please contact your Dean’s Office to confirm your graduation status.

How do I register for Commencement?

Registration will open to all eligible students in late January. More information will be shared with students in early January. 

When will I receive my diploma?

You will receive your diploma in the mail; timing varies by school. Please contact your Dean’s Office or Diploma@LUC.edu for more information. Additional diploma details and instructions can be found here.

Can I get a refund for the graduation fee if I choose not to participate in Commencement?

The one-time graduation fee assessed to students covers the cost of the diploma and cover, mailing fees, and other expenses associated with graduation. All graduates must pay the fee, regardless of participation in the ceremony. Your fees will ensure that you receive your diploma and will support the Commencement ceremonies.


Adding a Course

Students who would like to add a course after the regular registration period must complete a Change of Registration form and obtain the approval of their graduate program director. The form is then submitted to the Graduate School for approval. Such requests are approved only in extraordinary circumstances; forgetting to enroll or enrolling in the wrong course do not constitute adequate grounds for a late add.

Auditing a Course

The decision as to whether to designate particular graduate courses as open to auditors is made by the academic unit offering the course. In order to audit a course, a Graduate School student must 1) receive approval from the academic unit offering the course and the Graduate School, 2) register for the course in LOCUS, and 3) complete the Audit Request form. The completed form must be received by the Graduate School by the end of the second week of the semester or by the end of the first week of the summer or intersession term. The Graduate School will not approve a request received after the deadline. Once a course is converted to "audit" for a student, it will not be re-classified as a "for credit" course (i.e., a course that is being audited may not at any time be counted as credit hours completed toward degree requirements). Completion of the form does not constitute registration for the course; the student is responsible for registering for the course via the university's registration system and must do so prior to the late registration deadline to avoid a late registration fee.

Class attendance is required, and auditors have a right to participate in class discussions. A grade of AU indicates satisfactory attendance; a grade of W will be assigned in cases of unsatisfactory attendance. Auditors do not complete course papers, examinations or other assigned projects. A course that is audited does not count as hours attempted and therefore is not considered in determining a student's enrollment status (i.e., whether the student is classified as full- or part-time) and is not eligible for coverage by a tuition award.


Students intending to take a course outside the academic unit that includes their program must obtain approval from the course instructor and the "host" unit. Students should contact the host unit for information about registration procedures. They should also consult with their home program to see if these courses will count toward the degree.

Number of Courses Allowed

Registration for nine credit hours per semester is considered the normal full-time courseload. The maximum courseload for Graduate School students is 12 credit hours per semester and six credit hours per summer session.

Registration for Directed Study, Directed Readings and Independent Study

Individual programs/departments may require students to receive approval prior to registering for these types of courses. Students may request notation on of a specific title on the transcript by submitting to the Graduate School a completed Request for Course Title form.

Registration of Undergraduate Students in Graduate Course

Undergraduates who are judged capable of pursuing graduate studies may be admitted to graduate courses with the approval of the course instructor and the chairperson of the department offering the course. Such courses are ordinarily applicable only toward the student's undergraduate degree; however, under certain circumstances such courses may be applied towards a graduate degree (see the policy on transfer credit below).

How do I register for Commencement?

Registration will open to all eligible students in late January. More information will be shared with students in early January. 

Do I need to register to participate in commencement?

Yes, if you would like to participate in your college, school or institute ceremony during Commencement Week you must register for Commencement. A registration deadline will be shared in early January with students. 

Repetition of Course

Students may repeat a course in which they previously received a passing grade only with the specific authorization of the graduate program and the Graduate School Dean. Authorization to repeat courses merely to improve the grade will rarely be given.

In an authorized repetition of a course the student will not receive credit hours toward graduation for both courses. The student will only receive credit hours toward graduation for the most recent attempt.

A student who repeats a course without permission of the Dean and graduate program earns neither credit hours nor quality points for the repeated course.

Withdrawal from a Course

After the last day to drop without a "W", students may withdraw from a class or classes with the grade of “W” based on calendar dates noted for each term on the official university academic calendar.

Most students do not need permission to withdraw from a class or classes during any term. Students that are blocked from dropping a class or classes during an academic term should meet with their academic advisor, program director, or associate/assistant dean.

Students who stop attending a class but have not officially withdrawn will not earn a grade of "W". A student in this situation will earn a grade based on coursework completed minus any work, including a final exam, that is not completed. This includes students that make the decision to stop attending after the final date to earn a “W”.

The bursar maintains the withdrawal schedule for any tuition credit for a class or classes that a student withdraws from during any term. This schedule is posted on the Bursar website.

Students contemplating official withdrawal from a class or classes and receiving or expecting to receive financial assistance should consult with the Office of Student Financial Assistance.


Do my guests need tickets to attend my ceremony?

Yes, each guest must have a ticket to enter Gentile Arena. Each student will receive 6 tickets for their guests. More information about receiving tickets will be shared with students in January.  

Is there a ceremony in December for Loyola graduates?

There is not a ceremony specifically for December graduates. All December graduates are invited to participate in their academic unit's ceremony in May. 

Will each ceremony be livestreamed?

Yes, each ceremony will be livestreamed.