Loyola University Chicago

Center for Science and Math Education

Senn Project


As part of the overall Senn High School and Loyola Partnership, a two-year project-based course sequence that meets the CPS computer science requirement and builds math, science, and engineering skills was developed through collaboration between CSME and Senn teachers. The objective of the Design course sequence is to help neighborhood students realize a path through high school that could lead to IB courses or other areas of study of interest to them. The freshman course was piloted in 2016-1017 and Design students participated in a sustainability challenge sponsored by CSME and the Illinois Science and Technology Institute (ISTI) in the spring of 2017. One team of Senn students designed roof top windmills for Senn and presented their work at the ISTI annual project showcase. The sophomore Design course was piloted in 2017-2018. With funding from a Verizon grant, students in this course have worked with local businesses and not-for-profits to help them design technology solutions to issues identified by these organizations. The courses also include creation of light-up clothing to show Senn spirit, 3D printing, app development, and website design. CSME continues to work with Senn teachers to analyze student work and to make improvements to the course. Loyola undergraduate students volunteer to help set up and test technology, such as environmental sensors, as well as support teachers as students work in groups using technology for 3D printing, app building, and website design.