Loyola University Chicago

Center for Science and Math Education

Professional Learning Services

At CSME, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality professional learning that is customized to each organization’s unique goals and needs. We collaborate with each individual partner - including schools, networks, and districts - to ensure we are offering responsive, sustainable support. Professional learning with CSME focuses on established principles of effective STEM instruction aligned with current standards and research-based curricula. 

Examples of support we can offer:

  • 1-on-1 instructional coaching in science and math
  • Team support (grade level, vertical/content team)
  • Professional learning communities (e.g. series with specific instructional focus)
  • Professional learning workshops (e.g. whole school, district)
  • Curriculum adoption support in science and math
  • Leadership coaching for teachers and administrators 

Examples of topics for K-12 professional learning:

  • Curriculum-specific support in science and math
  • Next Generation Science Standards/Common Core State Standards
  • Equity in science and math
  • STEM program development, or math and science integration 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your professional learning goals and collaborate on a plan for success in science and math at your school or district. Please reach out to us for more information at csme@luc.edu.