Ethics in the Age of Smart Systems: Special Issue

Ethics in the Age of Smart Systems: Special IssueIn collaborative partnership Geoffrey Rockwell of the AI4Society Signature Area at the University of Alberta, Bettina Berendt of the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society in Berlin, and Florence Chee of the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy at Loyola University Chicago have edited a collection of papers with the title Ethics in the Age of Smart Systems - Special Issue of IRIE. This publication builds on the 10th Annual International Symposium of the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy. This Symposium was on the topic of Ethics in the Age of Smart Systems and was held on April 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2021. This Symposium brought together researchers from Canada, the USA, Germany and beyond working in the interdisciplinary area of AI, ethics and policy. It built upon a series of Ethics Dialogues (more information: #1#2#3) that took place between February and March 2021.


Ethics for a Digital Age, Vol. II

book coverThe second volume of Ethics for a Digital Age contains a selection of research presented at the fifth and sixth Annual International Symposia on Digital Ethics hosted by the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication. Thematically organized around the most pressing ethical issues of the digital age from a professional (parts one and two) and a philosophical perspective (part three), the chapters of this volume offer the reader a window into some of the hot-button ethical issues facing a society where digital has become the new normal. Just as was the case in the first volume, this collection attempts to bridge applied and theoretical approaches to digital ethics. The case studies in this work are grounded in theory and the theoretical pieces are linked back to specific cases, reflecting the multi-methodological and multi-disciplinarian approach espoused by Loyola’s Center of Digital Ethics and Policy during its eight years of existence. With contributions by experts from a variety of academic disciplines, this work will appeal to philosophers, communication scientists, and moral philosophers alike.

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Ethics for a Digital Age

book coverThematically organized around three of the most pressing ethical issues of the digital age (shifting of professional norms, moderating offensive content, and privacy), this volume offers a window into some of the hot-button ethical issues facing a society where digital has become the new normal. Straddling an applied ethical and theoretical approach, the research represented not only reflects on how our ethical frameworks have been changed and challenged by digital technology, but also provides insights for those confronted with specific ethical dilemmas related to digital technology. With contributions from established experts and up-and-coming scholars alike, this book cuts across disciplines and with appeal to communication scholars, philosophers, and anyone with an interest in ethics and technology.

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A Practical Guide to Digital Journalism Ethics

book coverA Practical Guide to Digital Journalism Ethics is a collection of essays published by the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy, which was founded through the School of Communication at Loyola University Chicago in an effort to foster more dialogue, research, and guidelines regarding ethical behavior in online and digital environments. The book was edited by Don Heider, Dean of the Loyola Chicago School of Communication and founder of the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy, and John D. Thomas, former long-time editor of Playboy.com and a frequent contributor at the New York Times, Village Voice and Chicago Tribune. This book is a collection of the most pertinent and practical pieces published by the Center (digitalethics.org), designed to convey actionable knowledge to those writers and editors looking to steer an ethical path through the ever-more thorny thicket of online publishing. The essays are organized around three major themes: Professional Standards, Transparency and Privacy.

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Digital Ethics: Research and Practice

book coverIn a digital age of perceived anonymity and diminishing face-to-face contact what does it mean to be true to thyself? Has the internet given us license to be false to others, without consequence? Technology has given us capabilities we previously did not have and changed the way we think about time and space.

Although research is now being done on many aspects of the interplay between humans and technology, there currently exists a vacuum regarding behavior and usage of technology. This edited volume contains some of the best research on digital ethics from authors in communication, law, information studies, education, philosophy, political science, computer science, and business on topics that range from sexting to piracy.

This groundbreaking volume contributes to the growing body of knowledge in this area and provides a much-needed resource for scholars and teachers interested in exploring ethics in this new digital world.

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