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Loyola Advisory FAQs

What is Loyola Advisory and how is it different from Loyola alert?

Loyola Advisory is Loyola's notification system that provides personalized, time-sensitive alerts to students, faculty, staff, and other personnel in the event of significant incidents that could potentially disrupt our operations at any of Loyola's three Chicagoland campuses. This system is designed to keep you informed of important occurrences that may not require immediate action but still require your attention. Loyola Advisory works in the same way as Loyola Alert but is used to make the community aware of a significant situation that could disrupt operations but does not pose an immediate threat to health and safety. Current faculty, staff, and students are enrolled in Loyola Advisory by default based on the information the University has on file. To unenroll, please click here.

How does Loyola Advisory work?

When a significant situation is identified that may impact campus operations, Loyola leadership will immediately send messages to registered participants via cell phone, landline phone, and/or e-mail. Members of the campus community are notified by whatever contact information they have provided the University. For example, a staff member might be notified simultaneously by personal email and cell phone.   

For what types of situations will I be notified by Loyola Advisory? 

Loyola Advisory may be used in situations that include technology outages, utility failures, disruptions to campus operations, significant hazardous materials or chemical spills, and fires. 


Is there a fee to enroll in Loyola Advisory?

No, Loyola Advisory is free for all registrants. Registrants will only be responsible for fees from their cell phone provider for incoming messages. 

What phone number will I see on my Caller ID when I receive a Loyola Advisory call? 

Loyola Advisory messages and calls will come from 773.508.2625. We recommend that you program a unique and audible ringtone for calls coming from this number, especially if you normally have your cell phone on vibrate. 

How can I submit additional contact information so I can receive Loyola Advisory messages?  Where can I verify the contact information that Loyola Advisory has on file for me? 

You can update information by clicking here.  

Who is responsible for identifying situations that would initiate a Loyola Advisory? 

Facilities, Information Technology Services, Campus Safety, or University Marketing and Communication will typically initiate advisory notifications.

Can I include contact information for a spouse, significant other, or parent(s), so that they will be notified by Loyola Advisory?

When a Loyola community member enrolls in Loyola Advisory, there are options to include additional contact numbers that can be listed under the individual’s account. 

How quickly will a Loyola Advisory be sent out? 

Loyola Advisory is not intended to be an urgent response communication tool. Once a Loyola Advisory situation is identified, users should receive notification by text and phone immediately. Email advisories may take longer.

What should I do if I use my cell phone as my home phone number (i.e., I do not have a landline at home)? 

In addition to the numbers you have provided the University, you can input up to four different phone numbers; they do not need to be landlines.

How do I use the Loyola Advisory system if I am visually impaired or hard of hearing?

Visually impaired registrants will be able to rely upon the recorded advisories by phone, while those who are hard of hearing can receive text and email messages. 

How often is the Loyola Advisory system tested? 

A test of the Loyola Advisory system is conducted during the fall and spring semesters.

Can I opt out of receiving Loyola Advisory messages? 

You can opt out of receiving Loyola Advisory messages by clicking here 

Will Loyola Advisory messages be sent outside of regular business hours?

Loyola Advisory messages may be sent outside of regular business hours if the situation warrants it. 

Can I receive Loyola Advisory messages in a language other than English? 

Currently, Loyola Advisory messages are only available in English. 

What should I do if I receive a Loyola Advisory message? 

If you receive a Loyola Advisory message, follow the instructions provided in the message. In some cases, you may be asked to take specific actions or to avoid certain areas of campus. 

Will Loyola Advisory messages provide updates on the situation? 

Loyola Advisory messages may provide updates on the situation as it develops. It is important to continue to monitor your preferred communication channels for the most up-to-date information. 

Can I report an emergency through the Loyola Advisory system? 

If you need to report an emergency, please contact Campus Safety at 773.508.SAFE(7233) or call 911. 

How can Loyola Advisory reach thousands of people in just minutes? 

Loyola Advisory uses Blackboard Connect's mass notification engine, which maintains access to tens of thousands of phone lines originating from multiple locations throughout the United States to ensure that its clients' communications are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Whom can I contact with additional questions? 

Email LoyolaAdvisory@LUC.edu for more information.  For issues regarding the Loyola Advisory registration form, contact the Help Desk at 773.508.4487 or helpdesk@LUC.edu.