Loyola University Chicago

Weekend of Excellence

ACE Scholars Awards

Designed to serve first-generation college students, students coming from a low income homes, and/or students with a documented disability, the Achieving College Excellence (ACE) program is committed to helping students succeed. This event recognized the ACE seniors who have completed their undergraduate education at Loyola.

  • Afriyie, Heather
  • Ali, Kiren
  • Ashraf, Nida
  • Dankha, Christine
  • De Loera, Moises
  • Dixon, Marquitta
  • Fil, Joanne
  • Imeri, Gabriella
  • Kowalski, Nicholas
  • Kraskiewicz, Dominika
  • Ledezma, Marisol
  • Macias, Elizabeth
  • Magana, Dania Michelle
  • Mata, Mahyn
  • Mendez, Dani
  • Mohideen, Fathima
  • Munoz, Joseph
  • Patel, Wahida
  • Reme, Kendrick
  • Sabanovic, Fatima
  • Sadoun, Meriem
  • Tsoukatos, Eleni