Loyola University Chicago

Weekend of Excellence

Quinlan School of Business Honors and Awards


Honors Program

The Quinlan School of Business Honors Program is a transformational experience for highly qualified students who care about making the world a better place. Through the stimulating program, students deepen their mastery of business and learn from each other.

  • Joseph Antonini
  • Emmett Burns
  • Brendan Creamer
  • Roderick Dayton
  • Andrew Harris
  • Vasyl Ilchyshyn
  • Veronica Krysa
  • John Lewis
  • Sabrina Minhas
  • Judy Ni
  • Michael Pflug
  • Kimberly Precht
  • Peter Lucas Therp
  • Emma Westfall

Honors Key Award

The Quinlan School of Business Honors Key is given to our Honors program graduate who has the highest capacity and commitment to contribute to society through ethical and socially responsible conduct, and who has demonstrated sound decision-making and problem-solving skills.

  • Awarded to Andrew Harris
    Presented by Prof. Amy Kyhos

Fraternity Keys

The Alpha Kappa Psi Key is awarded each spring to the graduating fraternal member who has demonstrated outstanding academic excellence in all undergraduate courses.

  • Awarded to Simona Briaukus
    Presented by Craig Paulson, President, Alpha Kappa Psi–Gamma Iota

The Delta Sigma Pi Key is awarded each spring to the graduating Quinlan School of Business student(s) with the highest cumulative grade point average, regardless of fraternal affiliation.

  • Awarded to Taytum Grove and Alison Hanley
    Presented by Chi-Te (Chuck) Kuo, VP of Scholarship and Awards, Delta Sigma Pi–Gamma Pi

Major Key Awards

Each academic major in the Quinlan School of Business awards a silver honor key to the graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding academic ability. Recipients, who are selected by the faculty, usually will have earned the highest academic average for all coursework in their major area of study. Other factors that are considered include leadership achievement, cumulative grade point average, and graduation honors.

  • Accounting
    Adam Strayer
    Presented by Prof. Brian Stanko

  • Economics
    Vasyl Ilchyshyn
    Presented by Prof. Paul Gabriel

  • Entrepreneurship
    Scarlett Ashton
    Presented by Prof. Amy Kyhos

  • Finance
    Markellos Venetos
    Presented by Prof. Nick Lash

  • Human Resources
    Olivia Snyder
    Presented by Prof. Dennis Nirtaut

  • Information Systems
    Alison Hanley
    Presented by Prof. Nenad Jukić

  • International Business
    Emanuela Rossi
    Presented by Prof. Mine Cinar

  • Management
    Kunaal Mehra
    Presented by Prof. Amy Kyhos

  • Marketing
    Brendan Creamer
    Presented by Prof. Stacy Neier Beran

  • Operations Management
    Peter Lucas Therp
    Presented by Prof. John Nicholas

  • Sport Management
    Megan Sawatzky
    Presented by Prof. Keith Lambrecht

Dean's Key

The key is given by the dean to the Quinlan School of Business senior who has made the most outstanding contributions to the reputation of the school through both leadership and scholarship. Recipients are selected based on the expectation that they will exemplify the highest ideals of the University both as citizens and as successful business professionals.

  • Awarded to Allison Ryder
    Presented by Susan Ries, Assistant Dean, Quinlan Undergraduate Programs