Journal of Regulatory Compliance

To stimulate academic discussion of the role of regulatory compliance in today’s business landscape, Loyola created the Loyola University Chicago Journal of Regulatory Compliance. The Journal publishes scholarship from the interdisciplinary perspectives of law, economics, philosophy, and ethics. The journal seeks to advance academic dialogue on managing regulatory risk in a commercial enterprise, the experience of the regulated actor, and analysis of regulations in the context of organized efforts to comply with law.

Inside Compliance Blog

The journal's companion blog, Inside Compliance, to provide up to date content about emerging compliance issues. This blog, authored and run by students, aims to explore what compliance means across a variety of industries, update readers about recent regulatory developments, and serve as a resource on how regulated actors manage their regulatory risk.

Compliance Symposium

The Journal of Regulatory Compliance symposium bring together academics, government regulators, and industry leaders to examine the evolving nature of compliance programs and strategies for managing increased regulations.