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PSYC 390. Internship in Human Services

Many human service organizations have internship positions available for psychology majors. These organizations include adolescent crisis groups, social service agencies, mental health facilities, educational intervention programs, abused or battered women's groups and homeless shelters. Students may obtain course credit by working for a human service organization during one semester of the academic year and preparing a portfolio integrating their experience with the major. For more information about this opportunity, students should consult the handout on internships available in the Psychology Department or talk directly with the department's internship coordinator.

PSYC 390 is one of several capstone experiences for psychology majors: a senior-level course allowing students to use skills developed in their psychology major in an applied setting. For the full course description of PSYC 390, click here.


Prerequisites for PSYC 390 are:

Senior psychology majors may take PSYC 390 only with permission of the internship coordinator. Students must apply for acceptance into PSYC 390 and obtain recommendations from two Psychology Department faculty members.

Student Responsibilities

PSYC 390 students are expected to work during the semester in a social service agency for a minimum of 100 hours. The internship coordinator will help students with selection of a site placement prior to enrolling in PSYC 390. As representatives of the Loyola community, students are expected to perform in a manner that brings credit to their institution. Interested students should discuss the PSYC 390 internship experience with the internship coordinator the semester before enrolling in the course.


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