Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Leadership Centers

As part of the academic mission of the Quinlan School of Business, these centers and labs have been established to further academic research, provide a fully-equipped environment for applied learning, enhance connections to the global business community, and provide opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate with business leaders and alumni.

Center for Risk Management

Loyola University Chicago's Center for Risk Management is a partnership between the Quinlan School of Business and the Corboy Law Center. Housed in the Quinlan School of Business, the center provides an integrated approach to Risk Management, focusing on corporate governance and compliance, business ethics, financial and accounting risk, and operational risk. Click here for more information.

Center for International Business

The Center for International Business (CIB) is dedicated to the study and practice of sustainable and ethical global business, economics and management. Created in 2009, the center promotes and fosters collaborative discussions and dialogues on social and sustainable economic development worldwide. It also provides opportunities for funded research, non-degree programs and mentoring of international business students, as well as a platform from which our faculty and student community benefit. Click here for more information.

Center for Financial and Policy Studies

The center brings nationally recognized experts in banking and financial services from the academic, practitioner and policy-making communities to the Loyola campus to interact with students and faculty in addition to promoting research in banking and financial services. Click here for more information.

Family Business Center

Since 1990, the Family Business Center has been dedicated to strengthening multi-generational family businesses of varying sizes, industries, and complexities. Through research, education, and networking, the center provides a unique community where family business owners can find support, learning, and guidance on the complex challenges they face. These innovative programs provide members the opportunity to share knowledge and cultivate synergies with one another to push the frontier of family enterprise to new levels. Click here for more information.

Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility

Social enterprise is an emerging movement that seeks to meet basic human needs by innovative means. Through its mission of supporting social enterprise in education, research, and community involvement, the Raymond C. Baumhart, S.J., Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility harnesses Loyola’s Jesuit mission of being “people for others” with the power of business concepts and methods. The center was named in honor of Father Baumhart, a former president of the university. Click here for more information.

Supply and Value Chain Center

To serve the needs of the growing Chicago business community, the Supply and Value Chain Center provides the common platform where leaders from industry, government, and academics exchange ideas and advance knowledge in Global Supply Chain Management. A pragmatic approach is taken toward advancing the understanding and practice of supply and value chain management: demand forecasting and management; strategic sourcing and procurement; manufacturing and operations; inventory management; distribution; and transportation management. The center builds on this knowledge to penetrate emerging areas of importance such as sustainability, risk management, demand driven supply networks, outsourcing, and reshoring. Click here for more information.

CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab

The CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab serves both the immediate needs for hands-on training in financial services and also the rapidly growing field of business analytics in various industry sectors besides finance such as marketing, healthcare, legal, insurance, risk management, government, and supply chain management. With the advent of ‘big data’, the new race and competitive edge for many companies is how to convert streaming data into actionable business insights—and do it fast. The challenges and opportunities are vast and continuously changing. Click here for more information.