We help businesses and nonprofits access cross-disciplinary solutions to accelerate impact and success.

The Loyola Business Leadership Hub is a collective of centers that serve specific segments of the business community through research, education, programs, and events. Together, we have broad business knowledge and insights, as well as a deep understanding of your organization and its unique challenges. Underpinning all our services is a commitment to doing well in business, while also doing good for stakeholders, communities, and the environment.

Our expert faculty and centers specialize in:

Social enterprise and responsibility → Professional development →
Family business → Student-run business →
Supply chain → Artificial intelligence →
Risk management →   

What we offer

Events and Education

Develop key skill sets on your team—or for yourself—through our professional development, custom training, conferences, and webinars.


Join the hub as a member to have access to a variety of benefits and resources that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Membership is also an excellent way to connect with professionals and organizations who are facing—or have conquered—the same challenges as you.

Research and Consulting

Our team of faculty, staff, and students will bring to your organization our research-fueled insights, industry experience, and local and global connections. Tap into the expertise of the Quinlan School of Business and all the schools of Loyola University Chicago, as well as the global network Jesuit colleges and universities.

Student Engagement

Connect to the talented Loyola student community for internship roles and full-time placements.