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Loyola University Chicago The Center for Data Science and Consulting
An Interdisciplinary Center in the College of Arts and Sciences
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The Center for Data Science and Consulting (CDSC)

Welcome to the Center for Data Science and Consulting

The Center for Data Science and Consulting, housed in Loyola Chicago's College of Arts and Sciences, is dedicated to helping students and faculty harness the power of their data to achieve their research goals. The Center specializes in providing data science training and assistance for researchers in all aspects of data science including data collection, data wrangling, data analysis, machine learning, statistical modeling, visualization, and database management.

For information about Loyola Chicago's Data Science Program in the College of Arts and Sciences, including the undergraduate minor, BS, BS/MS, and MS, please see the Data Science Program website.

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Our Community

CDSC Faculty Dr. Swarnali Banerjee


The Center can connect you with the right people to help you with your research. Faculty within the Center have a variety of different expertises.

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The Center is committed to developing educational opportunities for our students to get real experience working with real data. Students engaged in projects within the Center include those from Loyola Chicago's Data Science undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as data-allied programs and Loyola's Data Science Club.

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The Center supports the research of our university and community partners, providing consulting on data projects both internally at Loyola University Chicago and externally to local community, non-profit, and government organizations at the city, county, state, and federal government levels.

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CDSC and DataFest

The American Statistical Association DataFest is run through several host institutions across the country, including right here at Loyola University Chicago. LEARN MORE

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