A Practical Guide to Digital Journalism Ethics


A Practical Guide to Digital Journalism Ethics is a collection of essays published by the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy, which was founded through the School of Communication at Loyola University Chicago in an effort to foster more dialogue, research, and guidelines regarding ethical behavior in online and digital environments. The book was edited by Don Heider, Dean of the Loyola Chicago School of Communication and founder of the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy, and John D. Thomas, former long-time editor of Playboy.com and a frequent contributor at the New York Times, Village Voice and Chicago Tribune. This book is a collection of the most pertinent and practical pieces published by the Center (digitalethics.org), designed to convey actionable knowledge to those writers and editors looking to steer an ethical path through the ever-more thorny thicket of online publishing. The essays are organized around three major themes: Professional Standards, Transparency and Privacy.

Codes of Ethics for Online


The Internet has made reviewers of us all. Every positive or negative consumer experience can be shared immediately. The law of averages suggests that in the long run these reviews, when taken together, will provide an accurate reflection of consumer experiences. However, that does not absolve individual reviewers of certain ethical standards and obligations.