Campus-based students pursuing health law degrees and certificates are an important part of the law school community and our institute. We encourage students to take advantage of the multitude of curricular and extracurricular opportunities we provide.

The Health Law Certificate is a special designation on the JD transcript recognizing and signaling to future employers that a student has completed a concentration of courses and practical skills requirements in the area of health law.

Students enrolled in the JD and LLM in Health Law campus programs may pursue a concentration in compliance as part of their studies. Students doing so may be eligible for industry exams and certifications through Loyola’s unique partnerships with leading compliance associations.

With the many health care resources in the Chicago area, students are afforded an exciting opportunity to work with industry experts through Loyola's prestigious externship program. Students interested in obtaining a health law externship should review information about the available sites on Pearson. Students are encouraged to consult with Beazley Institute Executive Director, Kristin Finn, to receive assistance in determining their goals and site preferences.

Review Approved Health Law Externship Sites on Pearson

  1. Navigate to Pearson
  2. On the left navigation bar select "OCI/Job Listings "
  3. Click on the “Add a Filter” button under the search field
  4. Scroll down to "Job Posting-Job Details" and select "Externship Category" and then select "Health Law"
  5. Select "Search" magnifying glass to generate a list of postings and view application details

Register for Course Credit
After interviewing for and accepting an externship position, JD and LLM students will need to register to receive course credit.

  1. LLM students must submit the Graduate Law Program Course Approval Form to Kristin Finn.
  2. JD students must contact Breanna Kantor and complete processes outlined by the Experiential Learning program.

Campus Student Scholarships

Through the generosity of donors and Loyola University Chicago, several campus-based scholarships and fellowships are available to students studying health law, including scholarships for incoming JD students, a fellowship program for upperclass JD students, and a fellowship for HL LLM students

Need to speak with an advisor? Students can email Kristin Finn, Executive Director of the Beazley Institute, at KFinn1@luc.edu.