The Institute collaborates with the Loyola University Chicago School of Education and other institutions to present conferences, trainings, and other special events. The Institute also works with other University publications and platforms to disseminate research on the most pressing issues confronting education law and policy.

The Institute hosts an annual Education Law: A Year in Review seminar. This seminar addresses important developments in education law and policy during the past year.

Institute Director Miranda Johnson and School of Education Professor Pamela Fenning co-edited a book Discipline Disparities Among Students With Disabilities: Creating Equitable Environments (Teachers College Press, 2022). In this book, a team of interdisciplinary scholars, attorneys, and education practitioners focus on how disparities based on disability intersect with race and ethnicity, why such disparities occur, and the impacts these disparities have over time. The book recommends future research, policy, legal, and practice goals, suggesting an agenda for moving the field forward in years to come.