The Institute sponsors a Consumer Antitrust Fellowship program for students with demonstrated interest or experience in antitrust and related fields, such as consumer protection, regulated industries or political economy. Incoming first-year students as well as students in the top third of their class after their first year are eligible to apply.

Fellows publish short articles on antitrust or consumer protection law and attend monthly lunches aimed at introducing students to practitioners and experts in the fields of antitrust and consumer protection. Fellows are eligible to attend local and national conferences in the field at no charge and also become involved with the consumer and antitrust committees of the ABA and local bar associations. In addition, fellows work with the Institute and faculty members on research and other projects promoting a consumer friendly and more competitive economy.

Application Process

Interested students are asked to submit a cover letter, transcript, resume and personal statement of 500 words or less describing their interest and qualifications to Spencer Weber Waller, Director, at swalle1@luc.edu. Submitting one or two letters of recommendation is optional. Finalists will have a short interview. There is no formal application form. Fall and spring application windows will be posted in the law school announcements.

‌Fellowship Requirements and Details

Fellows are required to:

  • Maintain his or her standing in the top third of the class
  • Enroll in Antitrust and Consumer Protection when these courses are offered
  • Participate in either an antitrust or consumer protection seminar or externship
  • Publish at least one News and Views article each academic year
  • Attend all events of the Institute, consistent with class and work schedules.

The student's permanent record will reflect status as a “Student Fellow of the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies.”

Fellows will receive a minimum annual stipend of at least $4,000 in addition to any financial aid.

Fellows are encouraged to apply for summer grants underwritten by the Institute to promote public interest/public sector work in antitrust and consumer protection. The Institute provides assistance with summer and permanent job searches through contacts at law firms, agencies, public interest organizations, and think tanks.

For more information, please contact Professor Spencer Weber Waller, Director, Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies, swalle1@luc.edu.

Class of 2023-2024 Consumer Antitrust Fellows

  • Leah Cable 
  • Danielle Feingold
  • Erin Foster
  • Patrick Gilsenan
  • Emma Goff
  • Yoan Hernandez
  • Josh Neumann
  • Chris Silveri
  • Corinne Stratton
  • Brady Sweet
  • Puja Valera