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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Academic Evaluations

How well do we achieve our educational intentions at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of learning? How well do we position our students to integrate, apply, reapply, and deepen their knowledge, understanding, and ways of knowing and behaving, including repositioning or challenging long-held theories or beliefs or attitudes about a subject? … Therein lies the wellspring of an institutional commitment to assessment—intellectual curiosity about what and how well our students learn at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and across professional programs.

(Peggy L. Maki, Assessing for Learning, 2010, p. 3)


Loyola University Chicago’s academic units and programs undergo regular Academic Program Review (APR).  All units and programs will undergo the year-long APR process during the five-year period starting in 2018-19 through 2022-23.  Thereafter, they will participate in the formal APR every five to seven years.

The Loyola policy for APR follows. The unique parameters of each unit’s APR will be discussed by the unit and the campus APR Committee and then approved by the Provost in the summer prior to the Review. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the Review process and aims to scaffold the work of units so that they can carry out an efficient and reflective APR process of the highest quality feasible.


Loyola University Chicago’s academic units and programs are expected to be continuously assessing how their students are meeting learning objectives and how programs can be shaped to foster improved learning. This process takes place through the assessment process described below and with the support of the University's course evaluation system: SmartEvals

  • Faculty Assessment System (FAS)

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