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Red-Flag/Identity Theft Policy

The University adopts this policy to help protect faculty, staff, students and the University from damages related to the loss or misuse of Loyola Protected and Loyola Sensitive information as defined by the University’s Data Classification Policy.

Federal Red Flag Rule

Faculty AND Staff AND Students


Returned Check Policy

All returned checks are charged a returned check fee of $40.00. Upon notification, the student must replace the returned check with a certified check, money order or cash. Failure to immediately replace the returned check will result in a registration block, and in some cases, cancellation of registration for the current term.

Check payments with insufficient funds have actual and receivable costs.

Payers on student accounts.


Tuition Payment Policy

Policy notifies payers how and when bills are generated. Policy also notifies students of consequences for not paying on time.

Posting of payment and late payment fees



Withdrawal Policy

When a student drops classes or completely withdraws from the university, his/her tuition and fee charges are based upon the date of their withdraw in LOCUS.

Students and parents need to be informed about costs of withdrawing from University.

Students AND Parents