Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar

Tuition Payment Policy

E-Bills for full semester tuition, housing and fees will be generated on July 15 prior to the Fall term and December 15 prior to the Spring term. E-Bill notices will be e-mailed to the LUC e-mail address and any parent or guest e-mails on file with LOCUS Parent/Guest Access. Students are responsible for the accuracy of these addresses. Payments not received by the due date for the prospective term may be subject to a late payment fee of 1.5% of the balance due. Due dates are as follows:

  • Fall—August 5
  • Winter—November 5
  • Spring—January 5
  • Summer—May 5

Students who decide not to attend some or all of their courses after registration are required to officially withdraw through LOCUS or through their academic or program advisor. Otherwise, students will be held responsible for all charges on their accounts. There are no exceptions to this cancellation and withdrawal procedure.

Delinquent Account Penalties

Students whose accounts are not paid in full by the tuition due date will not receive transcripts, diplomas, or letters of recommendation, and are not permitted to register for a new semester until the balance owed is paid in full. The deactivation of your campus identification card could also be a result of a delinquent account, thus suspending access to campus facilities, meal plans and other services on campus. In addition, other actions may be taken up to and including suspension from the current term.

Delinquent Installment Plan Accounts

Installment plan participants are required to make consecutive monthly payments as scheduled. Accounts with two consecutive missed payments or two returned checks returned will be canceled from the installment plan. Once canceled, the due date will revert back to the original due date of the prospective term. Therefore, the student must make immediate payment in full of the account balance owed.