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Loyola University Chicago Race and Ethnicity
An Interdisciplinary Minor in the College of Arts and Sciences
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CAS - Race and Ethnicity

Race and ethnicity are meaningful characteristics created through social processes. Individuals and institutions use race and ethnicity to establish cultural and material hierarchies of power and privilege in a society. It is necessary to continue studying race and ethnicity, especially in the United States, a country whose foundations are built upon ethnic and racial issues that continue to persist.

Loyola's minor in Race and Ethnicity was developed to provide an interdisciplinary theoretical background on relevant ethnic and racial issues and train students to develop analytic tools for studying ethnic and racial issues.

Students who take this minor will develop analytic skills that could be applied to research in different fields (e.g., health, education, environmental studies, law, government, urban development, psychology, sociology, anthropology). These skills are also useful for developing careers in human resources (DEI), public administration, nonprofit organizations, community development, social work, and education, among others.

Our Community

Jacqueline Scott, PhD

Dr. Jacqueline Scott

I was drawn to Philosophy as a discipline whose focus is on the “Art of Living”—the analysis of what it means to create a meaningful life—while I was getting my BA at Spelman College (an HBCU). For me, Philosophy and life on the social margins have always been intertwined.

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Noah Butler, PhD

Dr. Noah Butler

I am interested in both the social and historical aspects of race and ethnicity in West Africa: socially, understanding at the local level ways race and ethnicity inform interactions in everyday life; historically, examining factors that have generated, shaped, maintained, or transformed ways race and ethnicity are conceptualized.

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Dr. Cristian Paredes

Dr. Cristian Paredes

Theories on race, ethnicity, migration, and ethno-racial discrimination encouraged me to question and challenge commonsense meanings of race and racism.

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