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Loyola University Chicago Cell & Molecular Physiology
Stritch School of Medicine
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Administrative Staff

Kathleen M. Frezek
Director of Administration
CTRE, Room 519

Joseph Duider
Grants Administrator
CTRE, Room 515

Maureen O'Brien-Cruz
Program Coordinator
CTRE, Room 515

Nayelly Villalobos
Administrative Assistant II
CTRE, Room 515

Technical Staff

Quan Cao
CVRI Animal Lab Coordinator
CTRE, 5th floor

Peter Caron
Research Machinist
Physiology Machine Shop
Maguire Bldg, Room 0886
CTRE, Room 536

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Eric Arroyo
Research Assistant II, Muller Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Ellen Cho
Research Assistant I, Robia Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Geena Fritzmann
Research Assistant II, Barefield Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Thomas Jamrozik
Research Assistant I, Zima Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Daniel Kahn
Research Assistant II, Zima Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Ryne Knutila
Research Assistant I, Kuo Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Heather LaPorte
Lab Manager, Singh Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Alexandra Pena
Research Assistant I, Barefield Lab
CTRE, 5th floor

Geraldine San Ramon
Research Assistant II, Kekenes-Huskey Lab
CTRE, 5th Floor

Peter Varughese
Research Assistant I, Kekenes-Huskey Lab
CTRE, 5th floor