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Stritch - Infectious Disease & Immunology Research Institute (INDIRI)


Infectious diseases are a constant threat to every person, placing an enormous burden on human health, the economy, and day-to-day living.  Loyola University Chicago's  Infectious Disease and Immunology Research Institute's (InDIRI's) mission is to discover approaches to prevent and treat infectious diseases to benefit the care of patients and promote public health. We have a diverse faculty of basic scientists and clinicians engaged in cutting-edge research. The Institute fosters dynamic collaboration between our basic, translational, and clinical researchers to leverage their strengths and enable a comprehensive approach that accelerates transformative research. 


InDIRI's co-directors Susan L. Uprichard, PhD and Nina Clark, MD, foster a cross-disciplinary collaboration at the interface of basic and clinical research. 

Susan L. Uprichard, PhD

Dr. Uprichard is a professor in the Departments of Medicine and Microbiology and Immunology. Her lab focuses on the development of experimental model systems needed to dissect the lifecycle of viruses, optimize antiviral treatment responses, and identify the viral-host interactions that determine infection outcome.

Nina Clark, MD

Dr. Clark is a professor in the Department of Medicine and director of the Division of Infectious Diseases. She directs the HIV and Transplant Infectious Diseases Programs at Loyola University Medical Center, aligning her clinical work with her research efforts investigating novel antimicrobials and infections in immunocompromised persons.