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Stritch - Department of Medical Education (DOME)

Department of Medical Education

The Department of Medical Education (DME) promotes innovation, best practices, and leadership in medical and related health sciences education. The Department integrates Stritch's unique values across curriculum. 

DME supports academic efforts related to social justice and concern for populations who are marginalized and/or vulnerable, the role of faith in medical practice, and ethical standards of clinical decision-making as hallmarks of a Jesuit, Catholic medical education. Systematic, lifelong reflection on one's professional and personal development as a physician of such values is DME's signature formative educational methodology. The concept of professional to meaning and purpose; to form and participate in communities of mutual support, and promote the values that make us outstanding physicians, scientists, and people: tenderness, kindness, empathy, patience, joyfulness, and compassion.

DME is home to a growing cadre of academic educators who focus on teaching and pedagogical scholarship, working collaboratively with clinical departments to advance these common goals.

Read Welcome Message from Trent Reed, Chair, Department of Medical Education