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One goal, one mission — to prepare students for life ahead. We strive to help pave the paths of fellow Ramblers with every resource at our fingertips. With vast amounts of opportunity and network reach, it is in your hands to pave out your journey’s path and tailor the student experience to fit your needs. Resiliency, community, and support; dig in and discover what your future has to offer.


Empowering students to take ownership of their success and build help seeking skills.



Showcasing the stories of our diverse student body, spotlighting peer leaders for others to learn from.



Easy access to student services that help Ramblers navigate their way through college.

Endless possibilities, personalized journeys. Take control of your future, today.

Uncover the Possibilities

Explore all the resources available at your fingertips.

Academic Support

Support that develops and challenges students to take ownership of their learning by designing their own academic experience.

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Advocacy & Social Justice

A culture of inclusion, safety, and accessibility that connects passions to social justice and advocates for the safety of our community.

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Career Exploration

Helping students gain clarity for the future. Explore academic and professional interests while making connections to vast resources and networks.

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Community Service & Learning

Building a more just and humane society through community service, action-oriented justice, and service learning.

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Culture & Identity Development

Fostering success and community for underrepresented populations through mentorship, multicultural education, advocacy, intersectional identity development, academic support, and celebration.

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Holistic Wellness

Health is a state of complete physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social well-being. Explore programs, activities, and initiatives that support your well-being.

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Financial Wellness

Guiding students through financial wellness building with the resources and support needed on the journey toward financial independence.

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Residency Status

Support for international and undocumented students through different affinity spaces, resources, programs and initiatives that foster student success.

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Spiritual & Religious Identity Development

Opportunities for worship, fellowship, service, and spiritual practices, so students may grow into a community full of compassion for others and self.

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Student Leadership & Social Engagement

Connect, learn, and engage beyond the classroom. Explore the organizations that develop stellar leaders and actively build community across campus.

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Campus Partner Resource Submission

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Our Community

There’s value in finding the right fit
Life happens and it’s OK. My life is not defined by my failures, it’s defined by my resiliency and ability to pick myself up and keep moving. Keondra Wright, (she, her, hers), (Higher Education, ’21)
Building Community
The organization (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) is a place to meet individuals who understand the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work that we can tie into our research. Itzel Velazquez, (she, her, hers), (Higher Education, ’21)
You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup
Before I even stepped on campus as a first year [student], I was encouraged to apply for a Living Learning Community, something that would become cornerstone to [my] Loyola experience. Margaret Bronec (she, her, hers), (Environmental Policy, ’22)