Explore The Possibilities

In an ode to Loyola’s Wolf and Kettle legend, the Council for Student Success brings you The Kettle. Centralizing our student resources into one place, this initiative offers guidance for your future. With vast amounts of opportunity and network reach, it is in your hands to pave out your journey’s path and tailor the student experience to fit your needs. Attending Loyola not only gives you a world-class education, but a world-class shot at success through purpose and commitment.

Our purpose is simple, to create an environment that encourages personal development and academic success by fostering resiliency, building community, and providing support. The Kettle empowers students to take the lead and build help-seeking skills. Showcasing the stories of our diverse student body, we bring the spotlight to peer leaders for others to learn from. All while offering easy access to student services that help you navigate through college with ease.

Our commitment is built on examining, analyzing, and improving. By examining current approaches to student success, we can analyze favorable outcomes and thus pinpoint quality engagement that provides a holistic Loyola experience. Through this three-step commitment, CSS will find new ways to further help students reach their goals.

A sturdy backbone is essential for any mission, take a second to meet the team. Please contact us at (CSS@luc.edu or studentsuccess@luc.edu) for more information.


  • Co-Chairs of Council for Student Success

    • William Rodriguez, PhD – Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students
    • TBD, Assistant Vice Provost
  • Co-Chairs for Co-Curricular Engagement 

    • TBD, Assistant Dean of Student & CARE Case Manager
    • Ashley Williams, MEd – Associate Director of Special Populations