We are so excited to welcome you back to campus, Ramblers! As you prepare to embrace the Loyola student experience, check out the tools you need to prepare for Welcome Week!


  • Access your unique event pass through LUCommunity. Your Event Pass is a unique code that allows you to quickly check in to events happening on campus.

  • Access your Event Pass
    Start by signing in to your LUCommunity account. Next, click on your profile picture in the top right of the screen (it may display your first initial if you do not have a profile picture). You will see the Event Pass option. Click this, and it will display your unique code.

  • If you’re viewing the Event Pass from your mobile browser, you should see the option to add the pass to your Apple Wallet or Android Pay. These options make it easier to access your Event Pass at a later date. You can also choose to take a screenshot of your pass. Once you’ve decided on how to store your Event Pass, get out there and attend an event!