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Microsoft Self Service Password Reset


Loyola University of Chicago moved from our current self-service password management tool to Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)The next time you change or reset your password you will see a new, streamlined tool that uses your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) preferences (text message, Microsoft Authenticator app, or mobile phone) to confirm your identity. Even if you forget your password, you can follow the prompts to reset it securely.

NOTE: On July 1st, 2021 the minimum character length for password changes will change from 8 to 12. Everything else will remain the same.


  • Reset password without the need of service desk or administrative assistance.
  • Accessible from off-campus allowing users to securely reset their password anytime, anywhere.
  • Leverage authentication methods already setup for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), such as mobile phone or the Microsoft Authenticator app, to reset their password.

Getting Started

  • First Time Setup - Steps for new users such as students, staff, and faculty.
  • Reset your Password - Already setup for a second factor, use this link to reset your password. Detailed Instructions can be found in our Password Reset Guide.
  • Next Steps - Follow these steps after re-setting your password
  • Alumni or Retiree - Steps on how to setup a second verification method (if not setup) to reset your password.
  • Unlock your Account - If you are locked out, you can unlock your account.
  • NOTE: If your password has already expired, you will be prompted to change at next login when accessing any Microsoft 365 web service. For more information, please follow our .

Have an issue or concern? 

Contact the Service Desk by logging an incident, via email at itsservicedesk@luc.edu or via phone at 773-508-4487

Last Modified:   Fri, April 23, 2021 9:56 AM CDT