Loyola University Chicago

College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of General and Integrated Studies (B.G.I.S.)

Advising for B.G.I.S. Students

Loyola University Chicago is not accepting any applications for admission or re-admission to the B.G.I.S. program.


Advising for B.G.I.S. Students

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean's Office is happy to assist you with registration, course withdrawals, schedule planning, and other academic issues. Assistant Dean Joyce Knight advises our remaining B.G.I.S. students. She is available via phone or for in-person appointments at the Lake Shore Campus. You may schedule an appointment with Dean Knight by contacting the Dean's Office at 773.508.3500. If you have basic questions, you may also e-mail her at jknight@luc.edu

*If you have an approved B.G.I.S. proposal and your courses are primarily taken at the Water Tower campus, you may see Lester Manzano, Assistant Dean, for advising. Dean Manzano is located in Lewis Towers 900; please call 312.915.6520 to schedule an appointment.



For advice or assistance with registering, please contact Dean Knight (jknight@luc.edu; or 773.508.3500).

Please note that degree-seeking students at Loyola may not register for a course at another university or college during any term including summer except with prior written consent of the appropriate dean. Coursework completed elsewhere without prior written permission will not be accepted for credit.




Re-admission Policy for B.G.I.S. Students

PLEASE NOTE: Loyola is no longer admitting new students or re-admitting former students to the B.G.I.S. program.

Students who left Loyola in good academic and disciplinary standing (2.00 GPA and above) and who have been absent from Loyola University Chicago for not more than one semester may be readmitted with no change in degree requirements, provided they have not attended another college or university during their absence.

B.G.I.S. students who have been absent for two semesters (Spring and Fall) may be readmitted to the degree program according to the following schedule: If a student returns in the academic year ______, they must have ____ or fewer credit hours remaining in their degree program. Use the following table to fill in the blanks.

Academic YearCredit Hours Remaining
2003-2004 27 or fewer
2004-2005 21 or fewer
2005-2006 15 or fewer
2006-2007 9 or fewer
2007-2008 3 or fewer
2009- No re-admission to BGIS in 2009 or later


Course Withdrawal Policy
The Office of the Bursar provides a schedule of tuition refunds for withdrawal from courses. If you are unable to drop a course using LOCUS, please contact the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences. Tuition charges for B.G.I.S. students and non-degree students are based on the in-person withdrawal date, fax transmittal date, or the sent-date of an e-mail message. E-mail withdrawals should be sent to jknight@luc.edu. Faxed withdrawals should be sent to 773.508.3514, ATTN: Joyce Knight. Notices of withdrawal should be dated and must include name, Loyola student identification number (found on your ID card), department name, course, and section number (e.g., PSYC 101-001), and your signature.

Academic Probation and Dismissal for Poor Scholarship
In accordance with university rules, any student whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.00 but who displays a quality point deficit between 1 and 14 points will be placed on probation. In such cases, students will be required to meet with an academic advisor to sign an Academic Improvement Plan to define the terms under which the student can remove him/herself from academic probation.

Students who are dismissed for poor scholarship from the B.G.I.S. degree program will not be re-admitted to the B.G.I.S. degree program. If you have been dismissed for poor scholarship, you may apply for admission to another Loyola degree program after one year of absence. You will be asked to supply transcripts for any coursework you complete elsewhere during your time of absence.



B.G.I.S. students should apply for graduation in the CAS Dean's Office (either Sullivan Center 235 or Lewis Towers 900) early in the term before the semester in which they intend to graduate. The CAS Dean's Office will certify graduates and degrees, and B.G.I.S. students will participate in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies commencement exercises.