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Education Immersion Weekends

To enhance the online learning experience, Loyola hosts Education Immersion Weekends (EIWs) three times each year. EIWs offer programming to reinforce learning objectives, provide a venue for presentation of final thesis projects, and foster communication between students and faculty.


Online students are required to attend an Education Immersion Weekend (EIW) at Loyola's Water Tower Campus as follows:

All students enrolled in the online MJ and LLM degree programs must attend two EIWs during their online studies: once after their third term in the program, and once again after they have completed their sixth (or final) termin the program. Both weekends are mandatory and are already scheduled at the time of new student orientation. Students are welcome to attend more than the two mandatory EIW weekends.

During their first EIW, students will workshop their thesis topics with faculty and fellow students, participate in live presentations by faculty and other national experts, and network with other students, faculty and administrators. During their second EIW, students will formally present their theses to faculty and students, and attend graduation ceremonies and celebrations

EIW weekends are meant to be enjoyable and rewarding. Faculty and administrators love meeting students face-to-face, and students enjoy getting to know one another. We provide lots of face time and group activities designed to help everyone get to know each other better. Dress is business or business casual.


May 16-17, 2014
August 15-16, 2014
Nov 14-15, 2014


A large part of the EIW experience revolves around the thesis. During the first EIW, students are expected to make a simple, ten-minute oral presentation to fellow students and faculty in a casual, classroom setting. During the presentation, students are expected to briefly describe their thesis topic, why they have selected it, and what they hope to learn in the process of researching and writing the paper. Students should plan to workshop their topic no later than their fourth term in the program.

If you plan to workshop your topic, you must complete and email our thesis topic questionnaire to prybarczyk@luc.edu at least two weeks in advance of the EIW. To keep the presentations short and promote valuable interaction with the faculty and students, you presentations should not include any audio/visual aids. Short handouts are permitted, but not required.


During the second EIW, graduating students will make a 30-minute oral presentation of their theses to an assembled panel of faculty members, attorneys, and other students. Thesis presentations may include handouts, but must include a PowerPoint presentation. Please bring a copy of your presentation on a flash drive. Do not bring your presentation on a laptop. All Loyola classrooms have built-in computing and projection equipment that may not be compatible with personal laptops.

Additional thesis requirements can be found the thesis topic questionnaire.


‌Prior to each EIW, students should check the Announcements section of the Learning Management System for details about the weekend. LMS posts will include hotel recommendations, an agenda, instructions for RSVPs, and additional information. Questions about upcoming EIWs should be directed to Loyola Administration through the Email function on the LMS. 

Students are responsible for their own travel costs and arrangements. Everything you need to know about traveling to the Water Tower Campus, local hotels, etc. can be found in Loyola's Water Tower Campus Guide. Simply scroll down for travel directions, hotel information, campus maps, and nearby attractions. The Chicago tourism website is also an excellent source for information for planning your visits.‌



Student Identification Cards
Students who wish to have an official Loyola ID card picture taken can do so during the EIW weekend. The Campus Card office is located in the lobby of the Corboy Law Center and more information can be found on Loyola’s campus card page.

Wi-Fi access at Loyola during the EIW
Wi-Fi access is available to Loyola students on our private Wi-Fi network while you are in the Corboy Law Center. To access Wi-Fi in the law school building, you will need a) your LOCUS ID and password, b) ensure your laptop has up-to-date virus protection and c) perform all necessary critical updates for Windows or Mac on your laptop. Additional information regarding the Wi-Fi network at the Corboy Law Center can be found here.

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