New Media Communication Certificate

This 3-course certificate will provide students with a foundation in communication and marketing principles, with an emphasis on social media and new digital media principles and tools. It is designed to introduce students to the principles and tools of communicating in the digital space. It includes coursework in communication theory and history, communication literacy, digital media production, digital media ethics, social media communication, online content production, and social media literacy.

Students can begin this program without a prior background in digital PR or social media communications, and finish with valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to their current job or towards career advancement. It can be taken as a stand-alone certificate or in partnership with a SCPS degree.

The certificate will benefit those who are seeking to remain current and competitive within careers that are becoming increasingly digital, as well as those seeking to pivot into positions involving digital strategy or social media account management

Total Number of Courses 3
Total Number of Credit Hours 9 credit hours
Start Term
and Time to Completion

Students can begin this certificate in Spring I only. Once started, you will take 1 course each 8‐week session for 3 sessions and complete within 6‐8 months.

Schedule Format Courses offered in 8-week sessions in a fully online format with evening synchronous meetings.
Transfer Credit Accepted Toward Certificate Students must complete 9 credit hours of LUC COMM courses toward this certificate. If transfer credit is applied toward any certificate requirements additional COMM courses will need to be taken to arrive at the 9 credit hours required.
Course Locations

Online. This certificate is completed fully online.

Application and Admission Requirements

Completed Application

Tuition and Fees


Certificate Requirements

  • COMM 175 Introduction to Communication
  • COMM 200 Digital Communication & Society
  • COMM 261 Social Media

Program Outcomes

  • Students in this Certificate program will have the opportunity to:
    • Look at communication through a critical, historical and theoretical lens.
    • Increase communication literacy.
    • Explore the ways technology affects personal, cultural and mass communication through examining the historical, societal and ethical implications of newer and interactive forms of media.

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