Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

  • Ice Cream Social: A Journey of Advocacy, Connection, and Communication

    Imani Warren's journey as a podcaster is a true testament to the power of the School of Communication’s inclusive culture and its commitment to advancing communication and interactive learning for students of all academic backgrounds.
  • Ponce wins lifetime achievement award

    News anchor and Loyola lecturer wins award from Chicago Headline Club
  • My First Year at SOC

    Starting a new chapter in life can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially for incoming college freshmen. At Loyola University Chicago's School of Communication, four freshmen embarked on a journey in August 2022 that would challenge them personally and academically. They were eager to begin their college experience, make new friends, and pursue their passion for communication. Now, as the 2022-23 academic year ends and they successfully completed the journey, they reflect on their experience.
  • Jing Yang: Trailblazing the Future of AI Advertising and Digital Marketing

    Jing Yang is an Assistant Professor at the School of Communication at Loyola University Chicago specializing in Social Media/Mobile Advertising, Consumer Engagement, Digital Marketing Communication Strategy, and Media technology. Her passion for technology has led her to work on multiple research projects that explore the impact of AI and virtual technologies in our lives and the advertising industry.
  • The Winding Road to Success

    Lynne Roy, an alumna of the School of Communication at Loyola University Chicago, has taken a winding road to her current role as a Senior e-Business Consultant for Steelcase, a leader in manufacturing architecture, furniture and technology products and services for businesses. In this role, she helps companies imagine and furnish workspaces that maximize the creativity and effectiveness of their teams. Ultimately, her road to success proves that life is a journey, not a destination.
  • Loyola Chicago's Digital Media and Storytelling Graduates and their Documentary Featured in Chicago Tribune and WGN Radio!

    Six talented graduates from Loyola Chicago's Digital Media and Storytelling program have made waves in the media world with their remarkable documentary, 'No Permit Necessary: An Oral History of Bughouse Square.'