Loyola University Chicago

Weekend of Excellence

Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium Awards

Outstanding Loyola Undergraduate Research Award

The Outstanding Loyola Undergraduate Research Award has been established to honor Loyola undergraduates who conduct exceptional research, articulate their work to others, and integrate research into their overall learning experience.

From the STEM disciplines, Social Sciences, Humanities, and professional schools, hundreds of Loyola undergrads conducted mentored research projects in the past year, and many of them were funded with fellowships through LUROP – Loyola University Research Opportunities Program. Through critical inquiry and curiosity, these students experience the guidance of a mentor as they engage in research and the co-creation of knowledge through undergraduate research.


    • Phoebe Coakley
    • Rebecca Muellauer
    • Abigail Newlon

Social Science

    • Madeline Stonis


    • Daniela Herrera

    • Larry Kalesinskas
    • Rachel Knapp
    • Erica Becker
    • Lian Lucansky
    • Samantha Panock

Langerbeck Award for Undergraduate Research Mentoring

Given by the Office of the Provost, the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy, and the Center for Experiential Learning, the Mary Therese Langerbeck Award for Undergraduate Research Mentoring is named for Mary Therese Langerbeck, BVM, who trained hundreds of women for careers in the sciences through active engagement in research. This award recognizes the exceptional work of Loyola faculty members who contribute significant time and effort to the development of Loyola’s undergraduate researchers.

    • Timothy Hoellein
    • Stephen Mitten

Graduate Student Mentor Award

Through collaboration between the Graduate School and the Center for Experiential Learning, the Graduate Student Mentor Award is an award designed to recognize the work that Loyola's graduate students perform in mentoring undergraduate researchers, fostering their intellectual, ethical, and academic development. As TAs, lab managers, and mentors through the Research Mentoring Program, graduate students play a crucial role in mentoring undergraduate researchers, benefitting both graduates and undergraduates.

    • Jacqueline Arroyo
    • Stephanie Brewer

Alice B. Hayes Award for Advising and Mentoring

The Alice B. Hayes Award for Advising and Mentoring is named for Alice Bourke Hayes, whose career at Loyola University Chicago spanned 27 years. The Hayes Award recognizes faculty who demonstrate commitment to advising and mentoring students within and outside the classroom. Excellent faculty mentors are involved in helping students discover their passions, develop a dedication to life-long learning, and guiding students’ intellectual, personal, social and spiritual growth.

    • Dr. Jennifer Parks, PhD

Loyola University Libraries Undergraduate Research Paper Award

The annual Loyola University Libraries Undergraduate Research Paper Award seeks to recognize and reward outstanding research conducted by undergraduate students at Loyola University Chicago. The award judges not only the paper itself, but also the author’s reflection on the research process, including the role of the University Libraries’ resources and services.

    • Mia LaRocca
      Diagnosis: Undocumented, Examining sociocultural interactions between healthcare providers and undocumented patients in Chicago, Illinois.

    • Riddhi Shah
      Therapeutic Effects of Curcumin on Brain Ischemia.

Community Engagement Awards

The Center for Experiential Learning, working with numerous faculty and community partners, is presenting three Community Engagement awards to students who have lived out the values of the university in service to our communities through internships and service-learning projects.  The awards – Community Engagement for Social Justice, for Innovation in Sustainability, for Impact – represent key values of what we want our work in communities to represent as we connect our academic work in classrooms to the realities of our families, neighborhoods and communities.  Students receiving the award completed service-learning and academic internship experiences in 2016-2017.

Social Justice 

The Community Engagement Award for Social Justice is given to students who most clearly represent the university’s values around the pursuit of social justice. The ongoing pursuit of a just society requires that citizens are knowledgeable about the problems and questions facing society and prepared to act thoughtfully in the world.  

    • Hanna Munin
    • Erica Martinez


The Loyola University Community Engagement Award for Impact is given to the students who most clearly represent the university’s values around impacting both individuals and society.  St. Ignatius of Loyola implores us to “go forth and set the world on fire” -- to have a positive impact on the people around us and our society.  

    • Hafsa Wahid
    • Jesse Meza


The Loyola University Community Engagement Award for Innovation in Sustainability. The Loyola University Community Engagement Award for Sustainability is given to the student who participated in a service-learning or academic internship course and who most clearly represent the university’s values of creating sustainable opportunities, attitudes, and habits in society. 

    • Sean McNelis
    • Kristen Courage
    • Natalie Burgos
    • Aqsa Junagadhwala
    • Marykate Fitzpatrick

All five students were in Dr. Tania Schusler’s Environmental Studies 350 course. Together they design and implemented system for recovering food from Loyola's urban agriculture program and catered events and safely donating that food to A Just Harvest to feed food insecure members of the Rogers Park community. They recovered 200 pounds of fresh produce, non-perishables, prepared meals, bakery goods, and other food items in 5 recovery runs from campus to A Just Harvest. Most importantly, they developed the organizational infrastructure for continued food recovery by Loyola student volunteers into the future.

Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio

Loyola juniors and seniors have the opportunity to critically reflect and make meaning of their holistic Loyola Experience through creating a Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio. Students create a learning portfolio, an electronic portfolio, reflecting on their time at Loyola in the context of the four themes of the Loyola Experience: Community, Commitment, Engagement, and Create the Future. The students responded to specific reflection prompts around each theme, and demonstrated their transformative learning experiences at Loyola University Chicago. 

    • Jess Conway 
    • Ellen Davies
    • Kathryn Habecker
    • Levi Marshall
    • Shaniqua Mitchell
    • Karen Osowski
    • Taylor Panczyk

Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio Diploma Frame

The top 3 Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolios have earned a Loyola Experience Diploma Frame. These portfolios did an outstanding job integrating their learning, connecting their experiences, and bringing the Loyola Experience to life.  

    • Daniella Amato
    • Kajal Chokshi
    • Sandra Meesala