Loyola University Chicago


About Us

At Loyola University Chicago, we take pride in sustaining the rich history of our institution, while continuing to be innovative in developing a built environment that speaks to future generations of Loyolans. 


The Facilities Management Division supports the University's mission of offering its students a transformative experience by planning, building, and maintaining an environment for our campus community to learn and live.



Customer Service

In the Facilities Management Division, we are committed to being "men and women for others."  Our students, faculty and staff are our customers, and their satisfaction is our top priority.  We deliver prompt, quality work, and strive to prevent issues from arising.

Safety & Comfort

We commit to maintaining a safe and reliable built environment for the campus community.


As a fully tuition-supported department, our job is to be responsible stewards of the financial resources that have been entrusted to us.  We continually aim to reduce our costs without compromising service.  As consumers of energy, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and reducing our consumption through responsible design and operations.


We respect the ideas and creativity of our colleagues in finding solutions to problems and we embody the spirit of cura personalis by treating those we serve with kindness and respect.


We know that we cannot achieve our work alone; therefore, we foster an environment of proactive collaboration with our partners.


We know that Loyola is a home to our students during their time here.  We take personal responsibility for the appearance of our buildings and grounds, and for the reliability of our equipment and systems.


We plan for the future of higher education by designing adaptable spaces to keep pace with changing learning and living environments.



The Facilities Management Division will plan, build, and maintain a campus that enriches the Loyola experience, and will provide exceptional customer service to our diverse University community.