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Idea-Campus Labs

About IDEA-Campus Labs

In a groundbreaking arrangement, the Campus Labs web-based Course Evaluations platform will be available to support The IDEA Center Student Ratings of Instruction system. The partnership binds together, for the first time, market leading technology with a normed, research-based instrument that focuses on student learning outcomes.

“We are very excited to provide IDEA Center users access to the Campus Labs data collection and reporting tools, which are extremely sophisticated.” said Ken Ryalls, President of The IDEA Center. “Additionally, this partnership will provide institutions the opportunity to more easily use evaluations to integrate data in ways that can serve to improve instruction, enhance learning outcomes, and make strategic administrative decisions. Student ratings of instruction have been over-emphasized and under-utilized, and this partnership will enable institutions to more easily analyze student ratings effectively within their institutional context.” 

The IDEA Center is a non-profit organization that has set the standard for student ratings since 1975.  The IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction system focuses on student learning and provides important feedback to guide personal and programmatic development. The IDEA Center offers recommendations for improvement based on their vast national database gathered over nearly 40 years of data analysis.

“There is no question that The IDEA Center has made considerable contributions to the process and methodology around evaluating and improving teaching and learning,” said Eric Reich, Senior Vice President of Campus Labs at Higher One. “By combining the highly efficient Course Evaluations solution and robust reporting options available from Campus Labs with the research and expertise on student ratings offered through IDEA, campuses can get the best of both worlds.”

The Campus Labs Course Evaluation platform allows faculty, department chairs and deans to collect data on mobile devices, view response rates in real-time, administer multiple evaluations in a term, work with team-taught and cross-listed sections, and add course-specific questions, among many other customizable functions. When used together with other Campus Labs products, administrators are able to discover how course evaluation data relate to student retention, engagement, and learning, as well as leverage that data in institutional planning, faculty development, and program review contexts.

Institutions that currently use either Campus Labs or The IDEA Center will have the option to begin using the Student Ratings of Instruction system within the Campus Labs platform starting in the fall semester of 2013.

Upcoming webinars will be scheduled to provide more information and show administrators how the partnership between The IDEA Center and Campus Labs will allow for additional insight throughout their institutions.