The Practice of Law in an AI World

September 6, 2024

Loyola University Chicago School of Law
25 E Pearson St, Chicago
Power Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom

This one-day Conference is presented by Loyola University Chicago School of Law and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Artificial Intelligence tools are already used for many legal tasks. Increasingly capable AI tools and the development of systems focused on legal-services delivery challenges have the potential to transform legal work. To understand the current and future impact of AI on the legal industry and fulfill their ethical obligations, legal professionals need a basic understanding of how AI tools work and the benefits and risks of using AI. This one-day conference provides a functional understanding of AI, discusses how AI is used now and will likely be used in the future, explores the evolving role of lawyers, and addresses how to use AI responsibly and well. 

Institute for Investor Protection Conference

The Institute for Investor Protection (the “IIP”), is a non-partisan, independent academic center that promotes investor protection for the individual consumer and the public, and seeks to shape policy issues affecting investors. You will be able to attend the annual IIP conference which is held in the fall semester. The goal of the IIP is to educate investors on the availability of the private remedies Congress and the judiciary envisioned would serve to deter disclosure violations.

The Rooftops Project Symposium

The Rooftops Project is an annual symposium for the not-for-profit sector focused on the role of real estate in the operations, financial performance and achievement of mission by not-for-profit organizations. You will be able to attend this symposium, which is held in the spring semester. If you take Advising Not-For-Profit Organizations: Business Practicum you will have the opportunity to help organize and run the symposium.

Other Seminars and Panel Discussions

You will be invited to attend a number of individual seminars and panel discussions organized by the Business Law Center and the Business Law Society throughout the year.