Child and family law attorneys work in a wide variety of settings to assist in providing direct representation to clients, formulating policy and legislation, teaching, and otherwise advocating for children and families. These settings may include:

  • Public and private agencies
  • Private firms
  • Not-for-profit legal services and advocacy organizations
  • Health care and educational institutions
  • Philanthropic organizations

Depending on their chosen career path, attorneys for children and families practice in the areas of civil, criminal, and/or administrative law. Although most child and family law attorneys are employed domestically, some work in the area of international children’s rights.

Career Resources

  • The Civitas ChildLaw Center, in cooperation with Loyola’s Office of Career Services, has prepared guides for students and alumni seeking information and career resources in the field of child and family law. Guides are available on Loyola’s Office of Career Services website or from the ChildLaw Center’s Office Coordinator.
  • Office of Career Services. The Office of Career Services has extensive online materials on child law, family law, and education career opportunities and sample profiles of attorneys practicing in the field.     
  • Children’s Rights Resources. UNICEF maintains a list of employers and other organizations working in the areas of children’s law.

Career Counseling

Any Loyola JD or LLM student interested in finding employment in the practice area of child and family law should actively seek out curricular and career counseling from Loyola’s faculty and the Office of Career Services. To make an appointment to speak with a member of Loyola’s child law faculty, please contact the Center’s Program Coordinator.

To meet with the Office of Career Services, visit its website or office.

International LLM students should consult with the Office of Foreign and International LLM law programs.