The Civitas ChildLaw Center is home to several centers, institutes and initiatives. The goal of each of these programs is to provide specialized training to students while at the same time advancing the needs of children and families.‌

Civitas ChildLaw Clinic

‌The Civitas ChildLaw Clinic is a law-school based law office in which third year law students, working under the supervision of experienced clinical faculty, provide legal representation to children in a range of legal proceedings, including child welfare, domestic relations, education, and other areas.‌

Civitas ChildLaw Policy Institute

The Civitas ChildLaw Center’s Policy Institute seeks to improve the lives of children and families in Illinois through systems reform and legislative advocacy. The Policy Institute develops and promotes child-centered laws, policies and practices, and builds coalitions and partnerships to improve the functioning of the legal, social welfare, juvenile justice, health care and other systems that impact underrepresented children and families.

Education Law and Policy Institute

The Education Law and Policy Institute is dedicated to educational excellence and equity for children. We provide a comprehensive and integrated education law curriculum, a collaborative and interdisciplinary research and outreach agenda, and a program of educational advocacy for children through direct legal representation and policy initiatives.

Center on the Human Rights of Children

Loyola’s Civitas ChildLaw Center, works collaboratively with the Center on the Human Rights of Children, an interdisciplinary academic center committed to the advancement of children’s rights, on a range of issues, including human trafficking and the promotion of children’s rights in Africa.

Children’s Health Law and Policy Initiative

Building on Loyola’s strong reputation in the area of health law, the Civitas ChildLaw Center engages in activities focused on promoting child health and working to reduce or eliminate health challenges such as childhood lead poisoning, obesity, and fetal alcohol syndrome.